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Photographer,Photojournalist,Digital Artist,Pagan. I love puppies, kittehs, and mocking the GOP & their minions. I get vulgar. Deal or leave ♫Ѿ♫ #ConnectTheLeft

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Ok this week's piece of artwork had to be in Art Deco Style. I designed this as a front window plate. Comments?

Hey!! Its a still life~

So this is my still life - whatta ya think?

I moon you.

Ok this is my final Cubism/I Suck At Art/Picasso Wanna Be for my art class. Yes or No? It LOOKS like a picasso

Ok ya'll does this seem like it could be PICASSO and if not what do I change to make it so?

I forgot how much fun I used to have just playing with this program!!

Ok what genre art is THIS one? (yes this is a quiz)

This week we are doing cubism... Zebra in a snow storm - what do you think?

This is the second coolest mount in the game!!!! YAY ME!!

Ok I had to create a photo that could pass for the symbolism genre - how you guys feel about this one?

And then there was THIS shot... I love this one

So it was a good day... First there was this picture

Rainbows on Acid!

And just when I have no inspiration at all... This arrives via USPS

I am so very very proud of the grandchild that I helped raise.

This man is PISSED and I will stand by him until every member of congress who voted no today is history

Does anyone know what I need to ajust in Photoshop so THIS doesn't happen in batch conversions?

here's one I developed differently