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Here are some photo's I took today of

Mayor James DelleVolpe presents proj, foreman Freddie Hubbard with the Key to the City of Ansonia #WhereAngelsPlay

Celebrating the life of Catherine Hubbard... She should have been there to watch this herself. #WhereAngelsPlay

Jenny Hubbard speaks to the crowd about her daughter & her legacy "Tell them you love them"

Butterflies are released to honor Catherine and the other 25 victims #WhereAngelsPlay

Freddie Hubbard unveils the plaque on the playground equipment #WhereAngelsPlay

This flowering plum tree represents Catherine, purple was her favorite color. 25 other flowers are purple & pink

Catherine Hubbard's brother Freddie places a rubber ducky in front of the Flowing Plum tree #WhereAngelsPlay

Catherine's brother Freddie leads the crowd in the "Pledge of Allegiance"

NJ Firefighter's prepare the Catherine Hubbard Memorial Plaque for the unveiling Ceremony #WhereAngelsPlay

If it were up to me, I'd make the NRA look at this EVERY.TEN.MINUTES. those heartless fuckers....

ICYMI: Plaque honoring Catherine at her new playground in Ansonia CT

ICYMI: The plane that flew over the new playground in Ansonia Ct. today dedicated to Catherine Hubbard #SandyHook

As the PTA Of the school present the Jersey Firefighters with a check, the Hubbards look at butterflies released

Where Angels Play...

So.. at the beginning of the dedication ceremony for this park today - THIS happened

My backup Memorial Day shot...

This is my Memorial Day Picture that I am submitting to class.

Here is my attempt at emulating the Pop Art Movement - Warhol in particular See? I DO shit while talking to you ppl

I KNOW YOU PEOPLE ARE SLEEPING PLEASE I NEED FEEDBACK and not that condescending stuff - honest opinions plz