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Photographer,Photojournalist,Digital Artist,Pagan. I love puppies, kittehs, and mocking the GOP & their minions. I get vulgar. Deal or leave ♫Ѿ♫ #ConnectTheLeft

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And a third

Here's another one


Wild Flora


I recycle #truestory

There is something intrinsically wrong with law enforcement in Connecticut. THIS is why I was so glad to leave

HAHAHA !!! I Moon you AGAIN!

there is actually a DEER in this headlights in this picture.

You've just been mooned from Connecticut ya'll!

Today's photo dump is brought to you by the number 2 - Are ya ready???

#TavisWeeps because

True Christian Values. Deletion doesn't mean shit once you put it on the Internet Erick...

Fly away home....

And one I like to call - FOREVER TEXASS

Photo #3

Photo #2

Photo #1

This is a picture of Lisa. Lisa died at 27 from leukemia. Her father was sprayed with it in Vietnam passed it on