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Just One Of Those Day's 12/13

Betty Boop & Halloween

My profile photo 2012 ~ something has happened here(?)

I love my lil' kitty, he's so cute & tiny and appears to be very comfy!

I believe my kitty does too!...

I love how my new bra lifts them up to the heavens!

Top Shelf ;)

My kitty playing with my new bra I've been bragging so much about! It LIFTS EM' UP TO THE HEAVENS ABOVE! Now THAT'S mind boggling stuff right there! Watch & I'll show you!

My Pitt-Bull playing "MOM" to the 5 week old orphaned kitten last night. She wants to suck it's baby bottle to though! #WHATtheheck #mindboggling

My favorite photo of my same fierce niece who jumped out of that damned plane! Isn't she beautiful?!

My fearless, fierce niece Stephanie just jumped out of that damned plane! WHAT?... You go Stephie!...

The colorized version of the previous photo of Little Leena on my foot.

Tiny Little Leena On My Foot

Little Leena At Play!

Little Leena At Play!

Ha!Ha!HaHa!!!... She fell asleep inside my bra cup after playing for awhile! ~She's something else!

Little Leena At Play.... awww... I enjoy her happiness so much!

awww... This was her second night in her new "forever home"... I'm so grateful for finding her when I did. She was blind, cold, scared, & hungry & with a chest cold too! She's thriving & happy now.

There really is no place like home now, is there?!... I cannot fathom why anyone can be so mean as they were to this innocent, helpless kitten...

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