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#AlanShepard #GusGrissom #Mercury7Rockettes Dancing Dudes of the early Astronaut Corps! :)

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#NASA's planning to clean up space debris.Will we wear orange spacesuits? I wanna do that for my community service

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in his snazzy jumpsuit, grinning for the crowds at the #NASASocial What a great smile! :D

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#Einstein The eminent prof. Albert Einstein poses as the entire universe. And he glows in the dark! So awesome :)

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#NASA Hahaha, love this one... caught myself in the reflection of the heat shield of Gemini IV :)

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#Apollo #NASA Apollo 11 capsule. OMG, haven't been near this since I was about 7 years old, LOL! So happy :)

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#NASA Geeeeeeeene! Dinner!! ;) #MissionControl #GeneKranz #HeyNiceVest

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#TriviaThursday Does NASA monitor #Asteroids for probability of colliding with Earth? Every day! #SexyHardware

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MAIN BELT #Asteroids in white, plentiful! Other groups http://bit.ly/XefB0k include Trojans, Hildas & Greeks!

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#NASA. Not DEAD. Not DEFUNDED. Not even CLOSE. http://bit.ly/W46F7u Remember the NAA2010? Refresher course :)

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#CarlSagan #CarlSaganDay #Cosmos Why I Admire Carl Sagan, a Brief Nerd Essay ;)

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#CarlSagan The true genius of Carl Sagan as told by love of his life, Ann Druyan. Remembering you too today, Ann!

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Happy SAGAN Day! #VoyagerGoldRecord And if anyone can beat my shirt for sheer nerdity, I wanna know about it!

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The crucial point in wording being that inferences are unknown until other possibilites are named:

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mmmkay... Who wants to remind he promised to be dead or in jail by April?! ;)

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#NASA #SpaceShuttle Atlantis goodness, all the livelong day. What a parade! Tearing up a bit now & then...

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Space Shuttle Atlantis. Turning. While people run to keep up. #NASA #Atlantis Milestones of the day:

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Parade participants assembling at #NASA KSC for Space Shuttle #Atlantis ... here comes the Marching Band!

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#TriviaThursday Home phone we had on the wall when STS-1 flew, & phone upon which I watched STS-135 land. HA. Wow.

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#Soyuz Hippo! Hey does it look hungry to you? Like even hungry, hungry??

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