Lover of baths, teacher of English, eater of cake, drinker of gin, owner of Morley, writer of lists, (unashamed) watcher of Eastenders. Oh, and I box too.

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This Han, just this.

View from the English office. Almost makes it alright being at work.

Yes Olympic Committee, the A12 Blackwall Tunnel approach will absolutely be able to cope with a million more visitors.

This. This is why I want to be wife and wife with this girl.

Impromptu arrival by during X Factor. Oh. Ok then!!!

Homemade carrot and parsnip soup. And school work. Pig may be officially middle aged.

This woman is very pregnant. It's very loud. She has a pint of stella. #awkward. #inappropriate.

Oh England, you green and pleasant land. But you're boring. Back to London.

I think one of these may have an inferiority complex.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the motherfucking M1.

Hey , my Teaching Assistant's desk. Shut the front door!

I see your Bag Bananas , and raise you 'in drawer' Work Bananas.

For my . And anyone else who knows why this is happening. #CastleRise.

This happened. #AlcoholicsforCastle.

. To add to your good mood, Morley says hi.

#karinacornellforGameofThrones. This actress needs to be in this show!

Gaby's eaten. Twitter campaign started. Back in The Harp.

Another reason why Gaby's rules. #savegabys.

Its happening , its happening.

Again, for . Pint 2. Gaby's is calling. Await photographic evidence.