Photograstalker [fuh-tog-ruh-stawk-er] –noun A person who practices photography professionally who follows (a person) especially out of obsession or derangement

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This is not unusual

This is not unusual

Don't what's more dangerous the gladiator that is going stab me, or shooting photos all day long in hooker shoes

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Best-selling author Rick Riordan greats 3500 fans at Mission Viejo.

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Shooting with the big guns today

Workin like a dog

My movie shoes, because one can't wear hooker shoes every day. #iwannarockandrollallnightandpartyeveryday

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I must husband was one of Uncle Jessie's Rippers (2nd from right). #FullHouse

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What the men are doing while Linda Evans is talking at the Readers' Festival #football

Shooting Linda Evans. Not too shabby

Shooting the Mission Viejo Readers' Festival. How a good photog doesn't miss any shots

Damn, I really wanted this license plate, instead I had to settle for one that says "Humble"

My lil' man got to go on the Matterhorn for the 1st time today. Loved it so much he went twice!

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My hooker/Disneyland shoes

Ah Disneyland, it's the only place in the world you pay hundreds of $ to wait in line all day

Breakfast of champions

Working. And, yes, my file name is Hot Dog Contest Large #thatswhatshesaid

Out of all the ads on Facebook, this one is my favorite!

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What in Sam Hill is goin on with my hair today?

My husband calls these my "Scarface" pj's because they look like the mural in the office scene. We're dorks.

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Oh HELL no! Just because my husband is older than me doesn't make me old!

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