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This is why I wanna drive a big rig. All for the paint job!

Shes afraid she might get hungry in class so she went to the store before. #dontforgettheeggs

Is she wearing shoes I cant tell. #topale #getsomesun

Girl in the middle of the stairs at bruno. Do u not think you could of picked a better place to organize ur binder?

Rough night or just broke up with her boyfriend? #youchoose

What a true friend to celebrate her friends birthday. #truefriendsskipstudying

Watch out for Gardeck. Stealin cups from resturates these days. #thief

Look at the trash we cleaned up today. #toobigforthebag

Celebrate the red white and blue in a big way. #homeofthebrave #loveitorgetthefuckout

Thanks for buying a new pool for the house carl. #catchinsomerays

The newest tolan. #welcometothefamily

Great way to start off the night. #beertaster

Studying at the bar? Thats how we do it in Ttown! #c'sgetdegrees

You know you had an awesome night when you sleep in your clothes you went out in.

Can you not think of a better way to represent your school then this? #rolltide!

Big ball bostic!!!