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The debates were great and everything, but my vote's with this guy. #76ers basketball around the corner!

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Dear NHL and NHLPA,

My Flyers season tickets arrived today in the mail. Due to your inability to act like adults and come to terms on a new CBA, what is normally a day of celebration and budding excitement has turned quite sour. I understand there are legitimate business issues at hand, fair enough. But forget the posturing. Forget the media tactics. Hockey is not only a business, but a game. A distraction from real world problems and a source of immense enjoyment for millions of fans worldwide. This lockout is bullshit. Make a deal, get back on the ice and stop pissing off legions of loyal people who will only dream of making in a lifetime what you are making in a year. If you were really serious about "making a deal", you would be locked up in a room as long as it takes until you got it done. I hope you prove me wrong, but I'm increasingly skeptical.

Frustrated and underwhelmed,

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WHAT YOU GONNA DO WHEN HARTSYMANIA RUNS WILD ON YOU, BROTHER? #newavatar #getateetimesid #winningbet

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Thinking about bringing back our Sideshow Scottie for a limited run. What do you think guys?

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Which one do I wear to Flyers-Pens today??? I'll sell both in the lot, but I can only rock one...

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This message is brought you to by Philly Phaithful and the Collins in 2012 campaign committee.

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LADIES! Come on out to 2moro night in No Libs for Ladies Night. Lots of great vendors/drink specials

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OK Flyers fans! Do you want our Scotty Hartnell All-Star tee in white or gray? Your feedback is much appreciated.

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This really is a tremendous look at a vintage with quite a gorgeous salad on top. What ya looking at?

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OK Flyers fans--we need your opinion. It's been too long without a Pronger tee, so this is our killer concept. What do you think?

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Happy Halloween to all the Phils fans out there! We know how Pumpkins feel about New York...

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Oh I've already beateb you to that my friend. It's a real winner

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Phils fans, recognize this face? Mets baseball: where implosions happen. Pick up a September in Queens shirt from PhillyPhaithful today!

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