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I am Philip DeFranco. I am a time lord, the black sheep of youtube, and creator of SourceFed + The Philip DeFranco Show.

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Big props to for making the homepage a little nicer. Prioritization of space is better.

The FBI has even had to release a statement that can be paraphrased: "STFU you stupid twats!"

Had run the calculator on and she would save $132 a month on her family plan o.o

Skype chats with the team are incredibly productive.

Fine . "Mirrors" was too good for me to resist any longer.

Oh super weird. I didn't know I could sweat from my eyes…

Dude the new Google+ looks aweso…..oh wait thats the new Facebook News Feed?

Sneaky Sneaky Zuck


Everywhere in the USA from what I understand. They sent this to me.

Travel bug reactivated. First Australia + New Zealand, then Japan if Linz is cool with me around Asian girls ;-P

It seems the South is doing way more than just rising again these days.

Daaaaamn. Thats a


I bet I could make you scream with just one finger…

Oh so you just started a diet? This should help you out with that.

ooooooo bother.

Oh Bill Gates. :-p

Best headline of the day goes to FARK.

Aww Brenda you get me :) Also yes I control + F my name :-p

The Powerpuff Girls are confirmed for 2013 and this is their new look: