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Zuccotti park for #ows. This is one of the most unique and ecelctic places i have ever been

Hit 275k with my car, a 98 Saturn. Still running well after all these years

partial pic of 3-400 crowd at the meeting last night on the south side of albany. Went with

Tonights meeting on Grand and Madison. 300 or so. Standing room only #ows

The ironic thing of Halley having a pink bandage is that she cant see color. I told her it was light grey

Halley is mocking my wound wrapping skills.

Keller brings hulahoopers out. Very cool with a perc loop

Balloons at keller

Keller: who likes fish/phish? Crowd cheers. Plays Contact. Very good for the kids. Adults too

The view from the nys museum looking at the capitol building #albany

Halley enjoying a treat after the vet. Paw bandaged up for a week or so. She'll be fine, despite her drama

Awesome care package from Japan via , chocolate, kit kats, snacks and 2 WSP fuji rock fest shirts! Arigato!

Found a piece i dig. 2-68 by nassos daphnis. #empireplazaart

Just in case you didnt know the Empire Plaza was built in the 70s they have subtle hints that tell you

Seriously, what is this? (by lee bontecou) #empireplazaart

I love art and would marvel at these pieces as a kid in the Empire State Plaza. Now im not sure what to think

New York's Empire State Plaza: home to weird art since the 1970s!

Off to do some festival book research at he nys museum (on right) Corning Tower on left

Meeting for #occupyalbany near central ave/wash ave split. Stop down. Organizers are from #occupywallstreet

Halleys reaction that she isnt coming with me #priceless