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I'm sure you're aware of our "respect" for signs

  • 809 days ago via site
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Updated PFB banner: #OpSmashTrapWire #TrapWire http://politicalfailblog.com/

  • 811 days ago via site
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BRYAN C. CARMODY aka the indy journalist twitter troll. Lives in SF. http://bit.ly/NaTHT7 #OSF #OO

  • 817 days ago via site
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"Organizing for America" #Obama2012 HQ in Oakland #Smashed During Friday Night's Art Murmur.

  • 818 days ago via site
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MSM vans can block fire hydrants, & I have to pay $156 in meter fines. Please help! #OO #OSF bit.ly/M9Mdxt

  • 819 days ago via site
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Screen capture of uploading video: #OPD draws gun on two men before releasing them earlier this evening in Oakland

  • 821 days ago via site
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This ABC reporter was so mad when about 50 people surrounded her & other MSM media and chanted, "TELL THE TRUTH!"

  • 823 days ago via site
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The "Hey kids, check out my military police" guy moments before his unwarranted arrest. A cop beat his head, too.

  • 823 days ago via site
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Man carrying a sign that said, "Hey kids, check out my military police!" being assaulted & arrested. #Anaheim

  • 823 days ago via site
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flipping off the militarized #Anaheim police, with a smile. #OpAnaheim #FTP #OO

  • 823 days ago via site
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live streaming outside of the #Anaheim police department. #OpAnaheim

  • 823 days ago via site
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Welcome to #Anaheim! Militarized police take aim at protesters from the PD roof. #Policestate #OpAnaheim

  • 823 days ago via site
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The war is coming home. Another "police officer" in military gear watching over #Anaheim protesters #OpAnaheim

  • 823 days ago via site
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This military clothes wearing #Anaheim cop was ready to "serve & protect" the shit out us from the PD's roof.

  • 823 days ago via site
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What the hell is he taking pictures for? Also, why the fuck is he dressed like that? #Anaheim #PoliceState

  • 823 days ago via site
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"Fire racist cops!" A man stops in front of the line of #Anaheim scooter police in front of #Disneyland #OpAnaheim

  • 824 days ago via site
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"Not the happiest place on earth" Gas-masked protester stands up against police violence @ #Disneyland in #Anaheim

  • 824 days ago via site
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An #Anaheim PD helicopter circling a small group of us at low altitude, with it's door open. #OpAnaheim #OO

  • 824 days ago via site
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Indy media police escort/spy here in #Anaheim as we prepare to run workshops for media & street medic training.

  • 824 days ago via site
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"Show me what a police state looks like!" #Anaheim riot police facing off with an angry crowd of residents #OLA

  • 828 days ago via site
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