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Tweets a lot about video games from generations gone by, from the NES to the PlayStation 2. Former #ArmchairAnalyst. Now you're playing with power!

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Ha ha ha… yes, it does.

Since I’m cataloging my #NESManuals tonight, I took this shot for :

“504, this is Dispatch. He what?”

See that yellow blob near the top of the screen? That’s the Dust Storm. It SUCKS. #HighSpeed #PinballAlley

Time to make my getaway:

Don’t mind me, Dad. I’m just lounging around.

4th & 49 was real. Damn. Here’s my reaction, courtesy of E-Trade:

Dinner is served:

Before the main course… some soup is in order:

Tonight’s dinner:

just reminded me about this game. Glad I still have the guide. I need to replay this soon:

I learned something new today. That annoying voice in Tee’d Off has a name: Gunther. #PinballAlley

Time to hit the links:

Today will be my first time using this. It could get bloody in here:

The results are in. A pretty successful first semester.

Uh-oh. Does PETA know about this Physical Challenge? #NESManuals

I never know that Double Dare was so… risqué! #NESManuals

Anyone else wonder why Donkey Kong Jr. scowled like this? Diaper issue, maybe? #NESManuals

Donkey Kong Jr. also exists with a purpose. #NESManuals

BREAKING: Mario’s purpose revealed! #NESManuals