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Have to show you my scarf someone sent me today <33333

Not every day you receive Mark van Bommel in a mail delivery. THANK YOU ELBI #PityAboutTheTeam

El-i wanted to say hi :p

Lookit the cute smile :')

There's also this one <3

I do have a stuffed BEAR in lederhosen though :D <3

Look what I got in the mail today :D \o/

That's both sides of the scarf...

That's both sides of the scarf...

what it actually looks like on my screen is this:

Found this photo of my cap and first 2 sweatbands on my computer and thought I'd show you

I took a screencap....

Question... Do you have one of these?

Always so perfect looking <333

Look! I have personalised bubble wrap! I know you're jealous :p

My drawing skills are unrivaled I know :p Here's your bit of Kakaness as requested :p

Look how cute it is though. So tiny <3

Iker :p

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