Valentino Downs III


#PutGodFirst and never second

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Mark Cuban said were not getting rings...I bet they get Bezels or five finger. Rings on both hands

Sittin on the wall like my was humpty



I give girls heat stroke before I quench my thirst #swag

four-stroke cycle gasoline engine was built in Mannheim, Germany by Karl Benz in 1885

Karl Benz :) ill upload the car next

#Thirsty? Grab A Sprite ☺

Got bigger tits than most females

If you haven't realized I #love food

If you like how it looks you'll #love how it tastes homemade burger by: ME

#Shoutout for knowing all about that Paco Robanne "1 Million"

out five magazines that was on the bottom gotta work before I can play #Success

#Effective job hunting

GT bwoi all Day

Might As Well get a mohawk

The train started rocking on the bridge going over this #noBueno