I'm a seven year old chihuahua. I love naps, snuggling, running in my backyard and treats! I'm a proud member of #theaviators.

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My annoyed with mom because I'm trying to nap and she's being loud, face.

Mom, what do you mean we're not going to the G-parents today?! It's Sunday, we always visit them on Sundays! #annoyed

Hiding in the basement earlier during the tornado warning, excuse the mess!

Riding in my car seat!!

Ignoring my Mom while she tries to take my picture!

Let me in!!

Easter wore me out!

My Daddy rudely turned off my fire place, he claimed it was making the family room too warm! #thenerveofsomepeople

Hoping to convince mom to come to bed too, but she was only interested in taking my picture! #fail

Staring down my toy, from a nice sleepy spot! Bol!

Looking out the window. Don't tell Mom, I'm not supposed to stand of the back, apparently it isn't safe!

that would be so cool! Here's a beauty shot of my ears, this pic always makes my mom laugh!

Playing with my best bud, King Kong

The more tired I get, the further my tongue sticks out!

here's a silly pic of me, hope it'll make u laugh!

Waiting for my Mom to come play with me!

Mommy caught me mid yawn!

My Mommy loves my big ears!!

Spending my morning spying on the neighbors!

Snuggling with my Mom, a perfect Sunday!

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