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The first Horde-Slytherin-DisneyPrincess-Avenger-PokemonMaster-JediKnight-Champion-Slayer-Valkyrie-Nerd-Extraordinaire.

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Took a bunch of pain pills and am now watching star wars. I'm also wearing one of my favorite star wars tshirts.

I would like to introduce you all to my bike Slave I. Isn't she pretty???!

little monsters. I love them. I gave them a bath yesterday, they looked so sad. Haha

So here is the sketch of my Predator and Boba Fett. Lots of detail to add to both still, but thoughts so far?

My puppies are 3 months old today, and little Wesker is sleeping on my chest <3

So I just sketched out an idea. A Predator and Boba Fett. Like, how about yes plz!?

check out my collection of Power Rings. With these I will rule the galaxy!!!

I got a gold star pin today for remarkable customer service! I did a Mario jump punch to celebrate. GOLD STAR!

Decorating my bag, and I painted the mandalorian symbol on it!!! I feel badass already

There isn't actually room on my bed to sleep. It's all ok.

look what my friend just won out of a claw machine for me!!!!!!!

I have this 3D cardboard poster on my wall. I didn't feel the need to rip it down after seeing the movie. :)

you coming over? I have pizza and this:

this chick's hair extensions aren't fooling anyone...

Party in my living room. Hot chicks only! Pizza and MtDew, MarioKart and #perfection.

My finished drawing of Carnage from Spiderman. This took a lot longer than usual, but it was all those damn lines

thank you! I use these. They are Prismacolor. VERY high quality, and not all that expensive either!

Carnage from Spiderman. I have no idea if this drawing will turn out good or not. :/

Attempting to draw Carnage of Spiderman. Thoughts so far?

check out who I've got hanging on my computer room wall. :) 3D poster FTW!