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Your heart is a weapon: Brazilian poster, which I want to paste over every bloody 'Keep Calm and Carry On' I see.

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Not only that has made it clear that he published the post specifically to punish me for something...

  • 1555 days ago via site
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Just a few of the comments from and 's post about me. Trigger warning for rape, s/v.

  • 1555 days ago via site
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Look who it is! (photo taken on my old, shit phone). What shall I call him-or-her?

  • 1754 days ago via site
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A better picture of the hair. Also, fags, and books.

  • 1781 days ago via site
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I just lost the last ten minutes....what's all this stuff on my face?

  • 1827 days ago via site
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Dear twitter, this may not be exciting for you, but today I put my hair up for the first time in 8 years. Observe:

  • 1852 days ago via site
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Consensus was reached. million-calorie-pie has been obtained. consumption is underway.

  • 1881 days ago via site
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Here's me with a smiling SWP last week. I actually bought a copy too, sources can confirm.

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It is this amazing little person's third birthday today. Happy birthday darling Beana, you're growing up so fast!

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We interrupt our exciting NYE evening in broadcast to bring you Getting Down To Some Bloody Work. More when I get bored

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Housemates are departing, looking very sexy. Leaving me alone with a nice book and a cup of tea. HARDCORE.

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This is me doing seriousface waiting to chat to on LBC radio ten minutes ago

  • 1947 days ago via site
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Housemate Kate and her girlfriend getting ready for some sort of shindig. They've been playing lady gaga v loudly.

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So here I am in my surprisingly girly bedroom planning my exciting evening in...

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Can we use this symbol for the student/youth/online movement? Obviously this one's backwards #solidarity

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Photo of one of the injured students who came back to last night. Baton wounds clearly visible

  • 1968 days ago via site
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I'm sorry sweetie. Look, here I am smiling, just for you

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I drew The Female Unicorn! In this picture she is stamping on the patriarchy with her dainty hooves of righteousness.

  • 2010 days ago via site
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Going off to meet my baby sister in Soho. Have decided to dress like Miranda Zero.

  • 2015 days ago via site
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