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According to Karen Faye did NOT do MJ's makeup for "This Is It" she is credited for Hair Designer ONLY, so I'm continuing with PROOF that supports that if Karen worked on MJ's dead corpse, she wasn't as familiar with the way he looked as many are led to believe.

Karen stated that MJ's hair was ripped from his scalp, eyes were taken out plus his lips were torn apart. Here's video I did with the tweet to me that Karen known as tweeted to me

I bet MJ didn't let her see him in bright lights or without makeup. I also wonder if she provided a wig or did she do a weave. Well, it wouldn't matter much because according to Karen the corpse was dismantled and that included the scalp.

Keep in mind, Karen hadn't seen Michael since late 2005 (when MJ fired her) since she abandoned him during the trial because he couldn't afford to pay her and she knew that Michael had cash flow problems because the Prince (who was partners with MJ in 2 Seas Records) had to wire over more than $30,000 to Grace's checking account to pay Michael's electricity bill for Neverland since the electricity was turned off.

It is of my well-researched opinion that the body the world believes is the King of Pop's named Michael JOSEPH Jackson is NOT the real Michael JOE Jackson.

Finally, mystery solved about Karen Faye, Michael Bush and Dennis Thompkins (who died) did NOT work on the real Michael Jackson's body at Forest Lawn.

Furthermore, I called Forest Lawn in Sept/Oct 2009 AFTER the burial ceremony and I was told that "we don't have Michael Jackson's body and have NEVER had it". I bet KF, DT, MB asked for the body of another person the Jackson's told them to ask for because with that EVERYTHING MAKES PERFECT SENSE!

Keep Michaeling!

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2nite debuts "A Place With No Name" on "So You Think You Can Dance"
TV Show. Here's what I wrote about song N "Pseudocide" Emoviebook published May 2010.

Could this be where MJ has been living? Furthermore, is the name change of the song from "A Place WITHOUT No Name" to "A Place WITH No Name", which as I stated in Pseudocide is a double negative meaning the place has a name, been changed to give us the CLUE about MJ NOT being buried at Forest Lawn, because MJ'S crypt has NO name, Forest Lawn does NOT have him listed in their database as being buried there, and Forest Lawn will NOT discuss anything in regards to Michael Jackson?

Just wanted to share with you.

My EmovieBook, "Pseudocide Is Michael Jackson Really Dead?" has over 115,000 words detailing the Michael Jackson Death Hoax, AND THAT ONLY INCLUDES CLUES, EVIDENCE, PROOF less than 1 year after the death announcement.

It is available on

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I have the other 2 death threats but why bother to post, it's OVER as of today as far as I'm concerned!

And anyone who has sincerely followed my work since MJ's 2005 trial, knows I NEVER lie and I ALWAYS supply PROOF!

Under NO circumstance is this acceptable! For God's sake, I have 2 children and a 15 month old grandchild, a mother and father, sisters, and a man who LOVES me!

This was NOT meant to be a joke! Evil manipulators always want to downplay their evilness when exposed. This is what happened when I dared to stand up for myself and their response is the THREAT of DEATH!

These are the people Peter has CHOSEN over and over to have authority over you in his website(s)!

To PROVE my sincere intent to separate myself from people who have PROVEN to me they're horrible people who talk love but don't have L.O.V.E . Nor kindness in their hearts by displaying repetitive bad behaviors, I've made a very tough decision to BLOCK, my once dear FRIEND, Peter Midani aka Bobby Anderson aka Michael Jackson because to trick fans N2 signing up 4 a website to whom they had no idea a gang of Internet foul-mouthed thugs would AGAINbe placed in a position to continuously HURT, intimidate, bully, falsely accuse innocent people of being my spy, I have BLOCKED PETER so I don't have to interact with those who have made fans cry, throw-up, stress out, can't sleep due to their horrific personality traits and DEATH THREATS!

I only have 30 people blocked here on Facebook and that's not many considering I have over 8000 friends on all my pages here

If you don't stand up for something, you'll fall for anything!

This group ONLY talks Michael-like but their actions are no-thing resembling the image Michael spent his entire life building!

I say this after observing and investigating them since November 2013 and without a shadow of a doubt, the leaders of that website are BAD PEOPLE and I've PROVEN IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!

Oh just know EVERY video I I'd on Peterpanpyt is 100 percent factual so I will not delete them!

Peter just leave me alone and PLEASE don't contact me-our friendship is over just like I told you when Javonnie first yelled at me in November, I told you I'd lose in your dangerous game instigating a fight between me & Javonnie- I forfeited you to her months back, but u kept trying 2B friends with me but all the time setting them against me and instigating-it's boring now!

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Just thought I'd share this. Posted 2011

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Strange that a dead associates of MJ's just followed me on twitter this morning at 2:33 am right after I went to bed last night. Well there's a wild and crazy coincidence with Jack Wishna.

I know I included this story in one of my videos but I'm not sure which one, so I'll tell the story again here:

In November 2005, we Elbow Grease Productions, released our independent documentary film, "Behind the Scenes at the Michael Jackson Trial" that explained the FACTS in the case as to why Michael JOE Jackson was found innocent on all 14 counts in the 2005 trial. Cecil and I were both credentialed media and I sat in the courtroom hearing the details & testimony while Cecil stayed outside videotaping all the happenings outside.

AT that time, I had a local TV show in Los Angeles that I owned called, "Trutalk: Straight Outta LA" that was available to a million people in the Greater Los Angeles area that aired 5 nights/week that enabled us to be credentialed at Michael's child molestation trial. We produced 13 shows for my TV talk show about the trial.

After the trial was over, Cecil suggested that we produce a documentary about the trial, in which we did. We had never produced a documentary before. We completed and released it November 2005 and sold it on because no one wanted to air it.

In 2006 MJ's father, Joe Jackson, contacted me and told me he wanted to purchase it. I sent him a copy that he later told me that someone in the family took (perhaps Michael), so I had to send him another one.

Well, months after nothing happened with Joe, I received a called from a distributor who said he wanted to distribute it. The name of his company was RockCity Entertainment.

Later, I learned that MJ's business associate named Jack Wishna also had a company named Rock City, which shocked me to the core.

Furthermore just months prior, I also learned that the address of our distributor, Rock City has the same address as the Michael Jackson Company when I saw a copy of MJ's "This Is It" contract with AEGlive.

Now, that revelation knocked me off my chair to learn that all the times, I went to this building in Century City, I didn't know the Michael Jackson Company was just a few floors down in another suite.

So now to get a friend request from a man who supposedly committed suicide in 2012 matched up with the phone call from Forest Lawn last week, I'm wondering who is messing with my head.

By the way, the documentary was renamed "Michael Jackson The Trial and Triumph of the King of Pop" with a new cover and ended up being distributed by Warner Bros. I tell this story in my EmovieBook, "Pseudocide Did Michael Jackson Fake His Death To Save His Life?"

Another crazy tidbit is we signed the distribution contract May 2009 just before the MJ's death announcement, which made it available for the pandemonium and hype surrounding the "death" of the biggest pop star in the world. Timing is amazing!

Just as a sidenote, we first distributed our 2nd documentary, "Barack Obama The Power of Change" (September 2008) and on the bottom backside of each of these documentaries you can see our distributor's address and then look at MJ's "This Is It" contract and see the same address.

Oh and another thing, when we had a legal dispute with Rock City Entertainment, I learned his lawyer was a lawyer who worked with MJ, the Jacksons and Quincy Jones.

So do you think these are all coincidences?????

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OMG! I think I understand why Wade Robson is suing the Estate as a creditor's claim? There NEEDS to be reasons why PROBATE STAYS OPEN and doesn't close. Thanks Ivy from MJJCommunity unknowingly giving me the information that connects to a HUGE WHY! Please read above post that is NOT related to Wade Robson, but explains very clearly the process of PROBATE.

OK, when the Wade Robson accusation first hit the media, I was very confused as to why a trusted and loyal friend of MJ's would do such an about face on MJ's innocence of child molestation. Wade isn't even a good liar because when Matt Lauer asked about what kind of molestation, Wade evaded the answer without much emotion at all.

Well, one day when I was talking to PeterPanpyt about it and he said something strange and confusing to me and I haven't forgotten it. I said the Wade Robson case should be just thrown out because of statute of limitations being long over and Wade's denial of sexual abuse over and over. Peter responds "well they have to hear the case". I was thinking I'd hear "yea you're right" but I didn't. I've often wondered about his response.

Now I think I get it, there has to continue to be creditor's claim, lawsuits, unsettled matters so PROBATE DOESN'T CLOSE. That's MJ's money and no one else's and as long as it's in Probate no money is dished out only allowances to those he deems deserves or needs it.

Probably in MJ's mind, what's one more accusation, the ones who think he's guilty will probably always think that and the ones who believe he is innocent will continue to think that way too. And besides that, it will all be cleared up when he's proven innocent again.

MJ is soooooo tricky and this death hoax has been about bobbing, ducking, and swerving around the limits of the law. It's rather genius!

Well that's my 2 cents on it, but this one, I'll call my 2 dollars on the matter.

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MJ unreleased song "Dead or Alive" 2004 & Sony PS2 Dead or Alive series & Sony's Robocop movie

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"Michael Jackson" trending now on yahoo top page! Whitney Houston too! OK what's about to happen???????

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Picture-Cecil Holmes (Casablanca Records+Credits MJ's Thriller), Actress Stacy Dash, Cecil Holmes (my fiancée), brother (Assistant DA/lawyer)

This is a story I shared back July 2007 about Stacy's brother, Darien suing Michael for $48 million. The lawsuit was due to MJ's brother, Randy Jackson, having power of attorney over MJ's affairs during the 2005 trial and Randy was seeking a loan in which Darien secured for over $500 million, but when MJ was acquitted, Michael refused to take the money, therefore killing the deal/loan.

But Darien apparently had a clause in his contract that stated if Darien was successful in securing the loan he is entitled to a 9 percent finder's fee, even if MJ didn't take the money.

Here's my story:


By Pearl Jr.

I haven't released one of these little MJ stories in a while, so I decided to share a little story with you. So many of you had written me in the past to tell me that you enjoyed the "Me and MJ" story and the "Another Me and MJ" story. Well, I hope you enjoy this story as well. Here goes:

For nearly two years, I've chose to hold my tongue about our connection with Prescient Capital. Now, since the case is over and settled, I can reveal to the MJ fan base that we were just as shocked as you may be to discover that my partner, Cecil Holmes III's step-brother Darien Dash, is the owner of Prescient Capital.

It was a late night in August 2005 and we were doing some after trial research on the other cases against the King of Pop for our documentary, "Behind the Scenes at the Michael Jackson Trial" and I decided to research who the heck is this Prescient Company. As I read the name of the owner of Prescient to Cecil, he straightened up and said, "Darien Dash is my step-brother!". I nearly fell to the floor in shock and awe over how we keep getting in Michael Jackson's business without even trying. It was also fate that brought our company, Elbow Grease Productions, to the trial; as I was asked by someone to go to the trial to pass out flyers for a book about MJ that was never released. And since we had a TV talk show on the air 5 nights per week in Los Angeles, to our excitement and amazement, we qualified as fully credentialed media at the biggest trial in the world. Wow!

You see, Cecil Holmes, who is the father to my partner Cecil Holmes III, is not only the stepfather to Darien Dash, but also was the VP of CBS records during Thriller, to which MJ thanks Cecil Holmes in his acknowledgements on the album's credits. The father, Cecil, whom I will now called "Papa" Holmes was also part owner of the famed independent label, Casablanca Records, who discovered and launched the careers of Donna Summer, Cameo, George Clinton (Parliament Funkadelics), Village People, KISS and many others. "Papa" Holmes is considered the "other Berry Gordy" in the music industry and is a legend in the genre of disco and funk music.

My partner, Cecil, and I pondered on whether we should inform Raymone K. Bain just in case they had already connected the dots to our family association with a man that was suing MJ for nearly $50 million. We thought, could they have suspicion that we could be involved with Darien in some way. I'm here to tell everyone, we had absolutely no inside information that Darien had any connection to Michael whatsoever. Furthermore, my partner hadn't talked with Darien since the trial began.

For the record, I, Pearl Jr. have never met Darien Dash, nor spoken a word to him. He lives on the East Coast and we live in California. We did decide to inform MJ's publicist, Raymone, about our connection with Darien, and inform her that if she or MJ ever needed anything, I'd see what I could do. She never inquired me to do anything. As a matter of fact, her response was very careful not to interfere with anything that lawyers were being hired to handle. Of course, I did not interfere either.

Then there was the MJ case with Marc Schaffel that I covered for That is where I met L. Londell McMillan (the attorney that handled the Dash case) and also informed him that if he needed anything in the Dash case, I do have a connection to him and I can see what I can do. Mr. McMillan, said he had it covered. So I stayed out of it completely and Mr. McMillan never inquired about needing any assistance.

Now, I do know "Papa" Holmes and he is a wonderful person who always says the most wonderful and protective words about Michael Jackson--he still refers to MJ as a kid, I think that's cute since MJ is now 48 years old. "Papa" Holmes talked about how polite and kind MJ was to everyone and no one ever had a bad thing to say about him during the recording of Thriller. "Papa" Holmes knows that I'm an avid MJ defender that was on the radio, on TV, writing articles in Black newspapers, and on the internet defending MJ during and after the trial.

Well, knowing the Darien case was coming up this week, I took advantage of a situation that presented itself to me, once again. On Saturday, we were celebrating Father's Day early at another sibling's home and as they asked me about the latest news in the life and times of Michael Jackson, I replied, "did you know that Darien's suit against MJ is coming up on Monday?" "Papa" Holmes responded, "no I didn't" and I asked him to talk with Darien if he could. He said, he does hear from Darien on Father's Day and he'll inquire about it. Well they did, in fact, speak on Father's Day and I'm not telling that there were any conversation about the case, but today's development that Darien was willing to settle without a trial, seemed to be a very last minute decision.

Now today, my partner Cecil, spoke with Darien about the case he had with MJ and he responded that he was glad that it was over and happy they were able to come to terms without a trial. Darien also said that he could NOT give the details of the terms of the agreement because it could affect the settlement conditions.

They talked more about family and Cecil promised to send him a copy of the DVD, "Behind the Scenes at the Michael Jackson Trial", because he said he always wanted to know what really happened in the case against the most famous person in the world.

We will be mailing the DVD to him tomorrow.

For whatever reason, I just keep falling in the laps of people who are connected to MJ, so I take that as a sign that I could have been designated Michael's fairy Godmother of some sort, even though I'm younger than MJ. I never set out to be as connected to MJ as I've become. Even the interviews with Mesereau, Deutsch, and Aprodite Jones have all just laid in my lap as if I was meant to do all that I do for MJ as if a guiding spirit from up above is leading me in his life. I know I loved MJ when I was a child with all my little heart, but the whole MJ scenario, involving me, is really bizarre.

Thanks for reading and I'll be sure to KEEP MICHAELING!

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Lately Barry Shaw & possibility of a double @ O2 arena has popped up again on Peter's facebook page-after debating/arguing an idea came to me. Well remember in "This Is It" when Kenny Ortega said MJ will "reveal himself piece by piece"?

Well, we have the voice of Michael (Peter Midani aka PeterPanPyt) and the dance and body structure of Michael (Sofurgofromashes aka Pablo) but not yet a face, so I was thinking what if the NEXT phase of Michael's death hoax is Michael pretending to be Barry Shaw or stating he is the double from the O2 arena, but it's really Michael playing with our minds?

Now that would be interesting!

Just sharing my thoughts!

Keep Michael JOE Jacksoning!

From the producer of the "Alive! Is Michael Jackson Really Dead?" documentary

Author of EmovieBook "Pseudocide! Did Michael Jackson Fake His Death To Save His Life?"

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ALWAYS a Wink Wink Nod Nod! Why else would he post a video about a wedding day B4 Latoya's marriage announcement?

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Is this the real Dr. Conrad Murray? Just found this in my archives-old clue that I've never really shared-New video will b up soon

Keep Michaeling~!

From the producer of the jaw-dropping documentary "Alive! Is Michael Jackson Really Dead?"

Author, "Pseudocide Did Michael Jackson Fake His Death To Save His Life?"

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Alona dressed like a Thriller Dancer & Ruby too!

Alona dressed like a Thriller Dancer & Ruby too!

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Here's Ruby taking her first walking steps with her Mommie on Thriller Day! She's so very cute!!!!!

Here's Ruby taking her first walking steps with her Mommie on Thriller Day! She's so very cute!!!!!

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Here's proof of either weird magic or a setup that MJ&Criss Angel have collaborated-what do U think? It's a PERFECT match! Can't be coincidental.

Check out my video on it

Both Criss Angel & MJ have Cirque Du Soleil Shows and MJ was N Las Vegas for 2 years. I bet Michael planned both shows and created them--They are AWESOME!

From the producer of the jaw-dropping documentary "Alive! Is Michael Jackson Really Dead?"

Author, "Pseudocide Did Michael Jackson Fake His Death To Save His Life?"

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Peter PanPYT on Facebook posted these pictures last night (10-21-13) attempting to confuse us that these pictures were taken on the same night but not so! Outfit is different & I discovered picture with Tito "looking drunk" was taken in 2008 & other picture HAS NEVER BEEN UPLOADED BEFORE! How did he get this never before released picture of Tito? This is the needle in the haystack. I bet it's a recent picture, perhaps from Tito's birthday party which was earlier this month?

Sign on wall says "A HAPPY ENDING!" so is the end near??? I pray it is! Thx Mike!

From the producer of the jaw-dropping documentary "Alive! Is Michael Jackson Really Dead?"

Author "Pseudocide Did Michael Jackson Fake His Death To Save His Life?"

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Link didn't work for "ALIVE" song which appears in "Death of a Man Rebirth of a King" copyright February 2009 before death hoax by Alexander King who collaborates with PeterPanPyt on song "Chillin in the Sky/MJ Tribute"

Thanks PeterPanPyt for that! Damn I L.O.V.E. U!

Eat UR heart out haters!

Keep Michaeling!

From the producers of the jaw-dropping documentary "Alive! Is Michael Jackson Really Dead?"

Author Pseudocide Did Michael Jackson Fake His Death To Save His Life?" amazon.como

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This is where the name Bob Anderson derived. It's from documentary "Living with Michael Jackson" per PeterPanPyt

Here's the link and the time is circled

Keep Michaeling!

From the producer of the documentary "Alive! Is Michael Jackson Really Dead?"

Author of "Pseudocide Did Michael Jackson Fake His Death To Save His Life"

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And when I went to reply back to this email, this is where the email was sent - the OFFICIAL MICHAEL JACKSON WEBSITE run by Sony - it did NOT bounce back!

Simply WOW! There's more to come!

Keep Michaeling!

From the producer of the jaw-dropping documentary "Alive! Is Michael Jackson Really Dead?"

Author "Pseudocide Did Michael Jackson Fake His Death To Save His Life?

Keep Michaeling!

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Keep The Faith-Guess what the big BOMBSHELL is here? No matter what "he" is 1 AMAZING DUDE! Do U BeLIEve now???

There's more to this, but I'll save it for the video release in a few days.

How did some1 other than Michael JOE, the King of Pop, Jackson (himself) send me an email from Michael Jackson's official Sony website, unless.....

Keep Michaeling!

From the producer of the jaw-dropping documentary "Alive! Is Michael Jackson Really Dead?"

Author "Pseudocide Did Michael Jackson Fake His Death To Save His Life?"

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