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So, looks like someone's noted my ipad passcode...

Fund Managers insist to BAML that they're being cautious. Hmmmmmmmmmm

Stuttgart airport has porn video booths on the landside concourse

TRY now 9% stronger since meeting announced. YESTERDAY.

Birthplace of democracy. One of these five gents is NOT a Greek MP. Quiz from &

Greek 'Troika' game. Thanks !

The Everything Chart. Is it Unemployment (yellow) or Participation (white) that matters? Ht

Who suffers if China slows? EM Advisors Heatmap.

Greece: deflation now an official emergency. Core CPI -4.3% yoy

Bearishness about EM is so pervasive it's even displaced Americans whining about the cold on Bberg most-read.

stop being so reasonable

EM's biggest housing 'bubble'? Brazil, apparently. (EM Advisors)

China BBB+ 10y corp credit yields. Ouch. (Source Chinabond)

Late Christmas game from Portugal.

'Believe in me and win'

Ok, what's Plan B?

I love this country.

UK press has i think set a low for the year. Want to go back to bed.

yeah yeah yeah Mr SR *laughs hard enough to fall over*

Are you fucking kidding me?