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Some dude with an unnatural obsession for things that fly, also interested in economics, geopolitics, and #RedBlue, #Boeing, █████, World Peace and Pulp Fiction

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This here is one of the last novels I've read - loved the detail on the #Concorde. It flew today in 1969.

, Thanks for the daily mention, lol first time seeing 's bloody beaver

The newspaper (): #A380 wing cracks & contrast: #US kids & skilled labour, Pakistan child labourers #mfg

Sitting on the couch reading a newspaper, here's my company

"Flight controls part 1: The ailerons" - via - I drew that pic, I think in Gr 8

Hey what's up Michelangelo

Medusa was Stoned.

Idea for a Rhino awareness campaign logo

Por favor , can we have one last #RCOH before the end of the world. O nos abandonou :'( lol


#Boeing Phantom Works graphic from a Aug 2005 James Wallace blog cc #WheelTug #RedBlue

The #Dreamliner 1st commercial flight as per in this mornings #ana787 #Boeing

domestic South Africa air fares, Checkers supermarket ad w/ 2.5 doz L eggs @ R26.99 #TravelTuesday

Air Zimbabwe ( air fares on Johannesburg-Harare round trip route, ad in #TravelTuesday

And the first decent thing at the show..

Local business daily 's back page w/ the #ANA787 finally in Tokyo

's Symbian app tracking a flight out JNB to LHR

- Here, flu remedy* or not: Lemon & Ginger - boil down. Adding Medlemon after to taste optional

And without further delay, my scribble on #Piepenbrock #RedBlue, hopefully legible and intelligible.

Hour delay, oops (have been inspired). Anyway - this is the sunshine here today