Dr Paul Abel


Theoretical Physicist at Leicester University, writer and broadcaster. Most days spent chasing minus signs or cloud gaps! Opinions are mine.

Photos and Videos by @Paul_Abel

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Comet Jacques from the 20th August. Make the most of it- it wont be back for many thousands of years!!

  • 617 days ago via site
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Saturn on the 12th June. Although seeing was poor, still some lovely details on the planet and the rings.

  • 684 days ago via site
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Saturn through the same telescope

  • 695 days ago via site
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Mars as seen through 20" Planewave DK telescope. Syrtis Major and Hellas are very prominent

  • 695 days ago via site
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Mars from last night. Plenty of white cloud activity on show!

  • 743 days ago via site
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A cloudy Mars! Observation of the Red Planet from early this morning...

  • 789 days ago via site
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My observation of outermost Galilean moon Callisto transiting Jupiter from last night. It looked like a shadow!

  • 798 days ago via site
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Jupiter from the 11th Feb. Some lovely details in the NEB. Also took a look at SN2014J. I estimate a mag of 10.8

  • 807 days ago via site
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Jupiter drawing made last weekend. Alas nothing but clouds and perpetual rain since then!

  • 821 days ago via site
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Nearly a half rotation! Jupiter map I made on the night of 4th-5th January.

  • 842 days ago via site
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A drawing of Jupiter made at 0243 this morning. Seeing was rather poor but the GRS can be seen and Io's shadow

  • 900 days ago via site
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Here a drawing of Jupiter from the 8th November. Some truly lovely details in both equatorial belts...

  • 904 days ago via site
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Here's a drawing I made of Jupiter on the morning of the 30th October. The Great Red Spot is rather prominent

  • 913 days ago via site
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Jupiter from the morning of the 6th October. Seeing very variable, but a number of subtle features present.

  • 937 days ago via site
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Uranus from the the 5th October. Some lovely subtle shades visible on this elusive ice giant

  • 937 days ago via site
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Jupiter from last night. Some lovely subtle structures in the raging clouds of this turbulent world...

  • 959 days ago via site
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Uranus from last night. Some wonderful subtle features seem to be present on this distant ice giant

  • 959 days ago via site
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First observation of Mars in the new apparition! The disk size is small (4.1") but the north polar cap can be seen

  • 966 days ago via site
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First observation of the new Jupiter apparition! Io can be seen emerging from behind Jupiter's proc. limb.

  • 968 days ago via site
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First observation of the new Jupiter apparition! Io can be seen emerging from behind Jupiter's proc. limb.

  • 968 days ago via site
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