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A lot of people are wondering what I drive since I chirp cars so much. F 150, but not ur basic.

  • 2378 days ago via phone
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Just saw this car. Someone should be shot for this. I might wait for the owner to come out and drive over it with my truck. No excuses, take the bus instead.

  • 2379 days ago via phone
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Forgot to tweet this pic of a guy passed out in a baby seat at mcdonalds. amazing.

  • 2381 days ago via phone
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Just met my new fav bum with my friends. He had a hockey stick. Must play for the leafs. Tough year.

  • 2383 days ago via phone
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Nice skyline in toronto. If u ever get a chance to eat at the top of the cn tower do it. Just not if ur a leafs fan. U might jump off.

  • 2383 days ago via phone
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Something americans need in there life. A little timmy"s. This makes starbucks its bitch.

  • 2383 days ago via phone
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F my life. New personal best. Someone call the police. I was just rapped at the gas pump. Thanks bp, assholes.

  • 2384 days ago via phone
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Just gave this guy money on the side of the road. Amazing sign. Love homeless people.

  • 2384 days ago via phone
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Jason williams dj'ing at the golf touney. Sick beats.

  • 2385 days ago via phone
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People are asking what I drive. U can live in ur car but can't drive ur house. Its a hybrid... Siek.

  • 2385 days ago via phone
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Omg. Pt looser 2 tone with chrome rims. Whatever munsin drives this should be deported from Canada. Worst car ever. I'd rather hitch hike

  • 2386 days ago via phone
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At a golf tourney in london with josh gratton, perry, doughty, eager. Watch josh's fights on utube. The guy is a gamer. One of the best at going toe to toe.

  • 2386 days ago via phone
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IMG00116-20100711-2035.jpg at my parents house trying to convince my dad to put his shirt on. He has a body like a milk bag.

  • 2388 days ago via phone
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IMG00115-20100711-1813.jpg my builder put the new stone theme wall in my basement over the weekend. Looks ef ing awesome.

  • 2388 days ago via phone
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  • 2388 days ago via phone
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IMG00113-20100711-0307.jpg at pizza pizza at 3 am and this guy is pat quinn's twin. Had the whole place yelling go leafs go. That's hockey

  • 2389 days ago via phone
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IMG00107-20100710-1634.jpg looks like the jays are ganna pull one off. Latta boston guys hit by pitches.

  • 2389 days ago via phone
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IMG00106-20100710-1416.jpg at the jays game. Hoping to catch a home run ball. What a boring sport.

  • 2389 days ago via phone
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IMG00105-20100709-1854.jpg just filled up my gas tank on the way to toronto. Atleast it won't be an expensive weekend...... Sonk.

  • 2390 days ago via phone
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IMG00104-20100707-1633.jpg a bird is sitting on my hockey pants and won't move. Then it took a shit on them. What the ef is going on.

  • 2392 days ago via phone
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