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Actor. Back in the old country I was an astronaut :(

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You're the best, Mark. Well, Peyton is actually the best. But you're pretty nice too.

My anger over BBC's plagiarism of will subside only if this overtakes "Stay Calm..."

Grape flavored Apples. No shit.

Sign this. Save BC Film.

Make believing with our best cop stares on with Kyle Cassie.

Last night in paradise. A ski to end my Summer.

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Had the cousins over for a party tonight. Necks are red from the sun & the guns.

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I'm better looking at 3500 feet.

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...gotta ramble on, and now's the time, the time is now. 3 weeks, don't call me, I ain't pickin up.

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Even with the likes of Betty &Veronica good to go at any time, Archie still craves some strange. What a life.

Post No Bills.

Just show wrapped on 'World on Fire'. Lauren Lee Smith & I react to the end of the world...

All this time I've been playing it wrong.

Is it just me, or is everyone making out with a Delorean right now?

Greetings from the Playboy Mansion...

I just raced to the bookstore & bought 's new book! And so should you.

Best gifts so far:Starbucks singing to me & this guy's tantrum for spilling packingpeanuts. His airkicks were the best.

As a thanks for all of your birthday wishes, here's a picture of me as a woman. Enjoy.

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9:15pm-Back on track with real beer. Louis & I color commentate.

5:42pm- Free champagne & autographs. #Leos