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Weekly lunchtime STAR TREK ATTACK WING series continues. Trying Federation this time. 360 firing arc ain’t shabby.

This geocaching slump is interminable:

Stumbled on Cyrus McCormick’s birthplace which had museum & of course, a #geocache! Reapers & geocaches I always say…

Hrm. Not a fan of decoy #geocaches.

Came across an odd travel bug hotel #geocache today. Spooky to find in deep woods.

Even after rolling double 1’s with advantage, managed to turn #DnD Encounters around with a faux total-party-kill.

I’ve translated the Sütterlin script, the resulting German and the cipher. Now to crack the cipher. Easy…

One evening my #DnD Encounters players will just tell a NPC “No thanks” and we’ll all just go home

Wash DC’s hidden mural geocache series took me to weird & awesome parts of the city I never would’ve seen #HPGeocache

The mobile game CLASH OF CLANS has been buying subway ads in DC. So weird. Or smart. Both.

So it’s a double translation! Plus a cipher to solve at the end of it. My lunch breaks have been fun.

My #geocaching stats are rather lopsided. Raising that average terrain rating will be tough in such a flat area.

Whoa, this #geocache by my parents’ farm is completely in German AND a crazy puzzle too.

I’m good at dodging.


Turns out work’s conference room table makes a great arena for some lunch break STAR TREK: ATTACK WING battles

I have neither the time nor the talent but if someone wants to make a “Cedric’s Quest” I’d back it.

At least the search led to some interesting historic places and had this cool swag:

Everyone’s notes, I love that this board game creates this kind of atmosphere:

. sadly gave up on the accent