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Password Guys = The Vampires!
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Train ride window sight!!

First HDR attempt....
Hope all u enjoy!
click open the photo for a better view....

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No we aren't mechanics, no we aren't karate kids But we are Bike riders!
-Password Guys

#Beautiful #photooftheday #canon #photography #picoftheday #bikeRiders #nature #road

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It's said that the eyes are the "mirrors of our soul" or windows to your soul..
#Kids #happiness #eyes #joyness #Beautiful #photooftheday #photography #Canon #picoftheday

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Beer Glass.. #Enjoy it. Have a #beer.
#Nature #Beautiful #photooftheday #camera #photography #Canon #picoftheday

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"Life Amid the Ruins" A couple holds hands and walks amid the wreckage of their country's wounded landscape. Experts familiar with the rebuilding efforts in Haiti say relief work is finally speeding up under the guidance of the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission. The group has set a goal of removing 40 percent of the earthquake rubble by October and has approved projects such as highways, apartment buildings and 250 temporary schools for children. But even with these projects underway, rebuilding Haiti will take many years. © CAROL GUZY/THE WASHINGTON POST

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"Chaos" Desperate Haitian survivors take goods from stores in the market area of Port-au-Prince as chaos erupts in the streets. The price of what few staples remain in the city had soared, fuel supplies had dwindled, and thousands of Haitians had abandoned listing homes for squalid tent cities springing up in even the smallest public spaces. Public parks and tennis courts filled with families carrying what possessions they had left.

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"The Moment Time Stopped" The quake's epicenter was about 10 miles west of Port-au-Prince, home to as much as a third of the country's population. Survivors piled bodies of the dead outside for weeks after the earth’s spasm. Haiti has a troubled history, plagued by poverty and political turmoil. The devastation wrought by nature was yet another profound sorrow for the Haitian heart to endure.

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"Death" he smell of death and ash permeates the air as decomposing bodies are pulled from the rubble. For days after the quake, it was mainly the people of Port-au-Prince, working with bare hands and simple tools, who pulled at slabs of concrete and blocks of debris to get at those still trapped. Some were eventually able to get heavy machinery to tear down destroyed buildings, finding many victims who had been trapped when concrete floors collapsed.

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"Tiny victim" The battered and bandaged face of a child bears witness to the severity of the wounds seen at General Hospital in Port-au-Prince. The overwhelmed facility was deluged with patients seeking care. "It's worse than I thought it would be," one relief worker said. "Most countries have some capacity to deal with emergencies; this one has no capacity to deal with emergencies." ©NIKKI KAHN/THE WASHINGTON POST —

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"The Elderly" Idamise Pierre leans against a tree, her withered skin resembling its bark, as she waits to bathe at the Azil Communal Home for the Aging. With weary resignation, the elderly have endured decades of Haiti's poverty and political turmoil and in their twilight years are now left with heavy hearts by the earthquake that eternally altered their lives. © NIKKI KAHN/THE WASHINGTON POST —

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"Haiti Weeps" The earthquakeÕs emotional toll is etched on the faces of Haitians attending a worship service at Cathedral Notre Dame, which was destroyed in the quake. The streets were filled with beleaguered residents milling about, left with no jobs, no instructions on what to do, and no place to buy food or to take the injured. Many said they felt totally alone and saw no evidence that relief was on the way, and their mournful pleas began to give way to anger. © CAROL GUZY/THE WASHINGTON POST —

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"Life Goes On" A tiny new life emerges as Destiny Ariel Dorival grimaces at her mother, Nehemie Hilaire, 39, minutes after being born in a makeshift tent serving as a maternity unit at the General Hospital in Port-au-Prince. Nearly half of Haiti's population is younger than 18 years old. Even in better times, many of this country's youth were in desperate need of aid. © NIKKI KAHN/THE WASHINGTON POST

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One picture is worth a thousand words. #PasswordGuys #photooftheday #photography #picoftheday

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Falling Water Falls...
#Nature #Beautiful #photooftheday #camera #photography #Canon #picoftheday #waterFalls

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#Waves of #Memories. The #sea can be a dangerous force.And a powerful reminder.
#ocean #photography #photooftheday

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MaGIc MOmeNtS...
Moments that create magic..

#Nature #Beautiful #photooftheday #photography #Canon #picoftheday

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Raindrops on leaf..
#Nature #Beautiful #photooftheday #camera #photography #Canon #picoftheday

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