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I'm going to this hoe though.

I couldn't decide what to get my Mother Dear for Mother's Day. So in Mikel fashion, I got EVERYTHING!!!

Thank You Fish for these Cutco knives, cuz I'd be lost without em. Lost fingers and all, I'm sure.

My friends were either high AF off that good Indonesian kush last night or have me completely fucked up. LOL

Like, what animal sleeps like this?

He took his precious ass time (1.5 hours) and that's unheard of by me, but he was good, with good talk.

My new fave song.

Real Talk Time: Getting older is inevitable, but LOOKING older is optional. #ForeverYoung I swear by this regimen.

Is this a gay man with make-up on OR a stud that looks like a boy? Life can be soooo confusing in 2014.

I'm sorry, but I'm still lacking air because of this woman's kitten heels. She posing like she's so boss though.

I woke up lih dis.

It's just one of those days...

My real reaction to that six dollars IG video....

Y'all wildin', yo!!!

Just us two now. *sad face*

I JUST realized that sometimes resembles Toni Braxton's fine ass. I see you Chris! Hey

Girl, BYE

I LOVE my Mother. She be knowing!

If any of you shop at Cole Haan, I'd like to share my 20% off code with you. #ThankMeLater

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