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The mystery of where moths come from revealed at last.

Went to the New Improved Peckham Asda earlier. There's a New Improved Polish section


Here it is, in all its glory


This was at a pub were I had lunch. I was going to have some, but went for a stomp instead and GOT LOST

#tweetyourdram you say? The Co-op's own single malt #cheapskate

Not to bring the tone down, but I have a feeling many people don't listen because they think like this:

G'night, then

This is happening

You really do! This is my mum when she was in her 20s #beautyicon

Nothing can possibly go wrong


Took me a while to dig out, but here #nostalgia

Alvin Lucier "Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra"

Last night went from "How dare you get me inside for the night" to this in less than 10 minutes

This is happening, mere moments after indignant complaints about being called inside

This is happening. Not 5minutes ago she was greatly displeased to be herded inside, now snoring in the middle of my bed

Will this one do? #probablynotarealgecko

Desk menagerie