James Green


I'm no longer a till-bitch in a shit-hole full of fuckwits.

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When this happened:

Spelling mistakes in newspapers are unaceptable. :(


So not everyone can see this?
Wierd. It's great though, I get to read the news before I go to bed! :)

He might be a buffoon, but you're a fucking moron.

My #dickbar has lube!!

Yeah, still weird. Looks like this:
Get the message to go manage my account when I start up :(

Hello Hobart, you saucy minx.

Saw this, thought of you. Hahahahaha.

Julia, I didn't not elect you so you could waste your time 'guest editing' gossip mags!

I like the page turning in Flipboard.

My Flipboard did not know I am not !

Loving . Mainly for the milf sideboob.

Roy just keeps stepping up his game.

Hey Twitter, I'm Luke. I'm new here.


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