I just run the town, I don't do too much joggin'

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You'll like this too.


This one too :)

Probably the moment I seriously lost my shit & went CRAZY. This dunk was just, wow.

RT : Smh I just want to go to a rave and enjoy my life

Yeah, people just bored as hell nowadays. Smh.

Do something brah

Do you love her? HELL YEAH. Would you drop an Xbox on her head? & I be like..

Best picture ever. Idc idc idc.

My teacher hates me. #iAskTooManyQuestions

Me at Tupac's last verse on Hit Em Up.

Last sentence was me.

Mom: Why are you taking your pillow to school?...& I be like..

Awwwwwwhhhhhh #MyCatIsBetterThanYours

Man this picture is too funny!

Best picture everer


How have I only just found this.