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Hago el trabajo del diablo, y soy muy bueno haciendolo.

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And here is Lovecraft's Dagon for "Trail of the Brotherhood".

  • 1851 days ago via site
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Cover art for the lovecraftian boardgame by Richard Launius. Which might be finally printed this year! cc

  • 1852 days ago via site
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Fashion photography done by yours truly, published in "LaFactory" magazine.

  • 1923 days ago via site
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Lovecraft - Personal work (Exhibida en Vastarien)

  • 1997 days ago via site
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Impresiones para Vastarien / Prints for my upcoming art show. Giclee over Bamboo fiber paper.

  • 2017 days ago via site
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Afiche / Invitacion digital para VASTARIEN, espero que NO les guste!

  • 2029 days ago via site
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Cover art for Elveking - Red Silent Tides

  • 2046 days ago via site
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Trying to steer away from my green and red pallete it's harder than I though, just look at it!

  • 2047 days ago via site
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A corrupted file of an old illo. Funny that the corruption makes it more interesting!

  • 2048 days ago via site
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A very old piece (6 years!) never published, obviously about "The Whisperer in Darkness" by H.P. Lovecraft, later bought by Pagan Publishing for future publication.

  • 2060 days ago via site
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A zombie doodle to start the day keeps the zombie holocaust at bay...

  • 2062 days ago via site
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Some sketches for Cradle of Filth.

Since you patienly read my ramblings, here is some art at last!

  • 2062 days ago via site
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Hunting horror for White Wolf. I think it was published in "WOD: Spirits" Anyway, I like how these creatures turned out, and I hope you dont.

  • 2105 days ago via site
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Cover art for the "Hunter Recognition Guide" published by White Wolf/CCP Games. Please RT if you like, or not.

  • 2131 days ago via site
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Here is some art I did for the Nosferatu Clanbook, published why White Wolf.

  • 2140 days ago via site
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A small Zombie WIP, the clown nose just happened, seemed like the most reasonable thing at that time, heh!

  • 2141 days ago via site
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The Gospel of Filth, featuring various pieces and thoughts by yours truly!

  • 2143 days ago via site
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An old piece wich I haven't published anywhere on-line. For Cradle of Filth's "Thornography". Heavily inspired by Fusseli, please RT.

  • 2148 days ago via site
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Segunda edicion del Vlecktar Fest...

  • 2155 days ago via site
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Cover art & Layout for "Joyce's Enemies" first demo "Angels come to vomit in your grave".

  • 2156 days ago via site
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