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I am a journalist. I work for spiked and the Institute of Ideas and blog for the Huffington Post

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Best banner on #Nov9 demo goes to: "knowledge has a value in and of itself!" Although exceeds word count...

Best banner on #Nov9 demo goes to: "knowledge has a value in and of itself!" Although it exceeds word count...

Runner-up goes to "I'm not anti-cuts, I'm pro-free education!" Shows he's thought about it. #Nov9

And the award for leading fashionista at the #Nov9 protests goes to...

Banner unfurled from building at #Nov9 protest. "London Met Not For Sale!" Would anyone actually want to buy it?

Students starting to get angry in impromptu Holborn Circus kettle. Police horses being brought in #Nov9

#Nov9 Protest reaches Holborn Circus. And is being held there by police for ages...

Is this what Real Reform means? Living in tents? #OccupyLSX #nov9

#OccupyLSX the most narcissistic protest ever? Pinning up media coverage rather than demands #Nov9

Meanwhile at #OccupyLSX all is quiet. Probably not for long... #nov9

Students take a hard earned break from protesting and go to McDonald's #Nov9

This is a very media friendly protest. Never seen so many photographers in one place #nov9

Think some people think #Nov9 is the Autumn equivalent of Notting Hill carnival. In a way it kinda is...

Clicktivists of the world unite! The ultimate Laptop Protester #Nov9

Erm think someone should tell #Nov9 protesters Halloween was last week.

"If things don't go right, go left" Never getting into a car with him #Nov9

'Welfare state NOT police state!' Erm, neither thanks. #Nov9

'I love strike action!' Only a middle class student who's never worked would declare that #Nov9

"All we want is a future" declares #Nov9 banner. And that's now seen as impossible without state support?

Here come the Black Bloc all dressed as individuals #Nov9

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