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Comic book and fantasy nerd. Author of The Warded/Painted Man, The Great Bazaar, The Desert Spear, and Brayan's Gold. Upcoming: Red Sonja!

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On the 3rd day of Christmas, sent to me, a kockass Renna Tanner Tee!

My family grows and grows.

The nightmare before Christmas:

Turkish & French copies of Warded Man. My international family grows & grows:

A block from my house. If there is a zombie apocalypse, I am at ground zero.

Just down the street from me. Tis the season of emotional conflict of waste vs beauty:

Pix or it didn't happen:

The snow demon ward at the center is such a great touch!

I see your Shadow Coven wreath, and raise you a Warded one:

Baby with a baby Snaga! Nadir beware!

Maria from Austria got a tattoo of the French Warded Man cover & it's so fricken' bad ass:

Cover designs for Chinese Desert Spear, two volumes released together:

RIP to my dad's Air Force duffel. Built to last, it served 47 years; 27 with father & 20 with son:

My David Gemmell Legend Award arrived! Mini-Snaga!

And, finally outside, :

The great :

Pat Rothfuss:

Brent Weeks:

Ginjer Buchanan:

The World Fantasy Award: