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Comic book and fantasy nerd. Author of The Warded/Painted Man, The Great Bazaar, The Desert Spear, and Brayan's Gold. Upcoming: Red Sonja!

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Shower at the Westin lets you wash face & junk simultaneously. Even more awesome than it sounds.

Showerhead at the Westin Waterfront lets you wash your face & your junk simultaneously. Even more awesome thank it sounds.

Just sold Serbian rights to Desert Spear. Check out the cover for Warded Man:

My first three balloon animal attempts. Still need practice...

It's good to have connections at SFBC. Hardcover edition of Control Point by !

Ni-hao, Jardir!

Messenger brought a fantastic gift from the awesome today:

Abercrombie and the crew.

Abercrombie evacuating...

Awwww, yeah!

Steely-eyed dealer of death,

But wanted something bigger...

Lessons in pretend gun shooting from to . Deadlier than air guitar:

Fought to a draw with my surgery arm! #recovered

Rothfuss: wizard , Crombie: thief

Weeks and Abercrombie rolling up characters.

Joe Abercrombie eats his bacon cheeseburger with a knife and fork. Filthy foreigner.


This forgery of my signature is the most awesome identity theft evar!

Picasso at work: