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Milk and brownies ;)

Lol at this Verizon ad. I mean, the daughter looks hot. But the mom? Whoa!

Enjoying this chocolate milkshake while at work. Too damn good! #MisterSoftee

, Well I have an #Android and we have that feature lol

Idek know why I'm drinking this nasty stuff!

Which fruit is this? I found it on a desk at work and I'm tempted to eat it, especially since I'm o.d thirsty.

1st meal of the day. Going home in an hour. Need to get hyper, lol

I was gonna give this away to a follower, since I don't watch AGT, but found out the promotion is over -_-!!

As close as I'll get to the Galaxy S3, until I get it. Using their wallpaper, lol.

Now this Iced Tea drink taste great! Pomegranate Tea. Yummy!

Who left their Nike's on the bus?!

In the building where I work at, lmao!

Time to listen to Big Sean's new mixtape. #Detroit

I'm liking my new wallpaper on my phone :D #Android

Got that #Slaughterhouse album #WelcomeToOurHouse! Can't wait to listen to it!

Some guy on the train had some fresh sneakers. So fresh, he kept the tags on them, lol

Playin Tic Tac Toe alone in my job, and I still cant win :|

Checking out some local restaurants through my phone, and look at the 2nd one listed, lol!

Lets see if this apple juice from work takes away my stomach pain :(

Munchies time at work at 1am lol. Im starving!!