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JazzyQ--- My brand's name is No Feelings but that doesnt mean I'm heartless Check out the swagg at ---- www.nofeelingsclothing.com

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Look what i found! Lol ---->

The rubiks cube struggle lol---->

My lil punk cousins in town from jerseyyyyy like what up lol ----->

Grandmas home cookin ")

Sooo white people really do think all black people look alike lol at work they be swearin i look like this lady ---->

Jesse swears his piñata smells like sour patchs lol

Buuuut i have te best job ever tho

Dishes :/

Me and my lil bro got #swagg check us out ----->

So requested that i twit pic my toes hmmm weird lol here ya go

Now who the hell forgot about this pizza -_- smh so slack

When jesse looks like this hes ignoring you----->

Look at grandma watchin her soaps lol

Lol jesse is too small

I got up for 5secs and lil jesse took over my bed -_-

My aunties dog rebel just chillin on the couch takin over haha

Shoutout to my hair gettin longer from all that dam humidity while i was away tho

No your eyes are not decieving you Yes this is a picture of a CD PLAYER this man needa upgrade and join 2011

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