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There is only one valid reason to oppose voter id....you want to cheat!

It won't be long before the people warning us about #GlobalWarming will be hoping for a little #GlobalWarming

Climate Scientist Al Gore just posted another selfie from the South Pole.

I will stick with #Israel! PERIOD!

Obama thanks beheaders mosque!

Muslims don't kill people because they're persecuted...they kill anyone who disagrees with them.

If you want to understand the coming #Ebola pandemic...read this book. FascinatingReading.

#DHS ..."Climate Change is our biggest issue"
"Woman beheaded by Islamic fanatic in Moore, OK."
#DHS -do your job!!

Radical Muslim Cleric Anjem Choudary held in London terror raid!
Is #UK finally getting it?

The young Obama was a garden variety Marxist-Leninist...

Things haven't changed much in 50 years.

Once a Muslim always a Muslim. Obama was raised Muslim, went to Muslim schools in Indonesia.
Quote: "I am 1 of you"

Some of the 7th Century Barbarians are rethinking this 72 Virgin thing.
#ISIS #Hamas

Did the mammals living in Antarctica 35Mil years ago...think that global warming was bad?

Ebola will eventually be cured!

We've had no #GlobalWarming since the last time the #cowboys had a good team...and that's a long time.

Obama is a big supporter of Planned Parenthood. Do you agree?

Pres Obama (who swore to protect the USA) has opened the southern border to all comers. Then gives them ALL services.

Shocking: Illegal Alien Families Caught Entering US Has Skyrocketed 412% This Past Year

Our kids are taught NOT to defend themselves...while the enemies kids are taught to shoot US. Something wrong here..

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