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Earth needs help Activate your Pineal Gland! Prophecy is coming to fullfillment! You ready for Evolution?

Photos and Videos by @PIPIL4LIFE

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7/18 sunrise Glazed over #Geoengineering

4th straight day of morning Solar Radiation Management! Rainbow clouds

7/18 sun blotted out by Aerosol injections #Chemtrails

Grey sky over Chicago

Aerosol barium haze over Chicago via

Sun and hazy clouds over Chicago via

Morning clouds blocking the sun rise

Sunsets and the clouds break up to this...

7/13 sunset

Aerosol face cloud

Florescent Clouds

7/12 purple glaze sunset

7/12 sunset purple haze #nofilter

7/12 sunset strange glowing horizon

7/12 sunset glowing horizon

After 2 days of Geoengineering the sky is a grey mess.. The sun looks like a UFO orb

7/12 sunrise glazed over!

Strange aerosol clouds

Sun blotted out by Aerosol clouds
Solar Radiation Management

7/11/12 2nd day of heavy #Geoengineering Artificial clouds Chemtrails