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Weird clouds as the sunsets

Wake up #Chemtrails

8/07 weird cloud covering the sun

Sky is blue except around the sun. This weird smudge is blocking the sun! Solar Radiation Management....

Aerosol injections above the clouds #Geoengineering 8/3

8/3 STRANGE cloud blocking the sunset

Unnatural sunblock 8/02 Solar Radiation Management

Weird cloud blotting out the sun!
Solar Radiation Management 8/2

8/02 blue sky except for this weird cloud

#Chemtrails Solar-radiation management could have unwanted regional impacts via http://bit.ly/i7U

Chemical Dumps Aerosol Geoengineering #Chemtrails #GhostAdventures

London 2012 El Salvador!!

7/23 sunrise sunrays!

7/23 sunrise

Purple haze just before the sunrise

7/19 sunrise
Amazing sun rays!

7/19 strange clouds move in to block the sunrise! #manmadeclouds #Geoengineering

7/18 man made clouds fill the morning sky! #Geoengineering

7/18 flourescent Aerosol Sunrise

Strange clouds covering the sun this morning