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8/17 sunset

8/17 sunset heavy aerosols

8/17 strange clouds continue to block the sun..

Cyclops sun.. strange clouds #manmadeclouds

8/16 fugly clouds continue to block the sun

Strange cloud continues to block the sun! 2:15pm

Sun distorted by strange clouds

Strange artificial cloud blocking the sun all morning

Strange cloud only moves when the sun gets away from it..

8/16 Strange clouds continuing to block the sun this morning

8/16 strange cloud still blocking the sunrise

8/16 morning sky is blue except for the sunrise.. Strange clouds blocking the sun this morning

Artificial clouds #Chemtrails

Artificial clouds. 8/15

8/15 Pink purple haze clouds

8/15 Fugly clouds

Pink purple haze after the sunsets 8/15

8/15 sunset fake clouds

8/15 aerosol clouds placed in front of the sun this morning... #Geoengineering via