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Artificial Aerosol Clouds covering the sunset today #manmadeclouds

9/11 sunsets and the clouds begin to mysteriously disappear

9/11 Sunset HAZE

9/11 sunset #Photography

9/11 Sunset #SoCal

Reflective particle Clouds blocking the sunset..

Couple minutes later.. the sun is completely blocked

9/11 sunset
clouds and Aerosols

9/11 cloud moving in creates a shadow sunray..

9/11 clouds moving in from all directions to block the sunset

Aerosol mist becoming a artificial cloud #manmadeclouds 9/11

9/11 strange cloud covering the sun..

9/11 Weird cloud blotting out the sun. Strange ripples in it #manmadeclouds ?

Weird clouds with a shadow Contrail.. WTF #manmadeclouds

9/11 Weird clouds

9/9 sunset pink aerosol clouds

8/21 morning clouds blocking the sunrise

8/20 Strange shadow and Venus just before Sunrise

8/20 strange shadow just before sunrise

8/20 noticed a strange spotlight shadow on the sunrise horizon