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3/2 sunset ruined by #Chemtrails

3/2 solar radiation management in progress #Geoengineering

3/2 morning sky being covered with #manmadeclouds #Chemtrails

Sandy Hook.. 1890 US Gov shot and killed over 290 natives

2/22 sunset injections #Geoengineering

sunrise blocked

Sun has a tail this morning!

1/29 Santa Monica sunset

1/29 sunset ruined by Aerosol #Geoengineering

1/29 sun covered in #manmadeclouds

1/29 chemical overcast #Chemtrails

1/29 sunrise covered in #Chemtrails

1/28 aerosol clouds

1/27 shiny clouds as the sunsets

ship Chemtrails

natural clouds covering the sun

chemical halo! Chemtrail shadow..

1/22 chemtrails blotting out the sun and the blue sky #Geoengineering