✨TRUST Ǥɛт ʏσʋ KILLED , LOVE Ǥɛт ʏσʋ HURT , & βɛιиɢ REAL Ǥɛт ʏσʋ HATED , βʋт тнιƨ ιƨ тнɛ ℓιғɛ WE'RE LIVING❕❕❕ SEE иσ ɛѴιℓ HEAR иσ ɛѴιℓ SPEAK иσ ɛѴιℓ ❕❕❕✨

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yup lol see ya name

I member one of my ex's sent me this song cause I was mad at him , sooooo fucking corny I got even madder

I downloaded this app , and there was different types of forms of writings on there

Goodmorning tl

My legs look Broke

This is why I dont take #Lightskin niggas serious

RT : RT : Zeezy we all know you be shaking ya back http://t.co/618ItGll

RT : what's the app called ??

this packet ,ms Elizabeth told me to read it cause when I start they gon have test on it on the computer

Homies check him out , this mufucka said my nose was pretty ! Man GHTFOH

But I love my hair cut tho ❤❤❤❤❤❤

I think I miss my whole head being done lol

This is def how girls be playing games

Me & my little cousin baby ron when he was like a few weeks ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Cuz was all in his nose with his pinky finger

Too packed smh

RT : How was fab last night ?!

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