I'm a writer/producer living in Manhattan Beach, CA. Previously I've been a producer for the @OReillyFactor and a speechwriter for Mayor Giuliani & the FDNY.

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When taunts me, I taunt back. Dinner tonight. #JetsCovered

What's the definition of "mixed grill"? I wish were here to help.

UCLA might be a good school, but they don't teach kids there are 4 Quarters in a game.

Oregon represents ... UCLA clearly can't be bothered. #GoDucks

But will the other 49 states answer the phone?

$799.95 a year? I can't imagine why the is losing subscribers.

What was everyone looking away from in the #NatsvsGiants game ... during the National Anthem? This:

Another day, another shoot. Nothing #creepy here.

Jets, Lions, Packers, Bears, but no and w/Z @ OBs #ManhattanBeach

Sunset over #rblobsterfest. If you're in the South Bay, it's worth the trip. #manhattanbeach #hermosa

#rblobsterfest delivers! Lobster! And Fest!

So sad.

So sad.

Getting ready to tape . Got questions for , , kurtschlichter?

Clickbait: , and do a podcast. You won't believe what happens next.

What does Tracked and Targeted look like? on Skype. on Twitter. And #exjoning

Thanks . You give and give. Then you give me something good. Royal baby names:

Sunday. It's hard livin' in paradise.

Good morning #ManhattanBeach! Are you ready for some football?

Picked off! The Ducks put a dagger in Sparty. #GoDucks #SCtop10