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Proud to be a #LittleVoice & to be a part of the big #OTHFamily Met Austin, Rob, Stephen and Jena Sims on July 5, 2012 #AlwaysAndForever #LoveIsLouder

Photos and Videos by @OthLomee

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Thanks!! I love seeing them together too! :)
Here you go ;)

I want Sophia to be a brunette again..!

If I had to choose anything on Sophia's face for me it'd for sure be her smile..

Is that really Ashley Rickards ?!

Wow Ashely Rickards (Sam) has changed so much..

and ! I fell in love with that pic! So sweet :')

and I miss them together! Their scenes were so sweet !! #IMissOTH

and sweet to see them together :') We didn't really get to see them much together on OTH.. Love

How was it to see again ? We missed seeing you together :) did you sing something ? :D

Sexy boys! Haha

Kate and James. Like that pic, we don't often get to see them together!

Shantel for her new movie "Golden Christmas"

Kate Voegele and her boyfriend :)

Sophia Bush with friends

Last night Michael May was at Jana's concert. So cute to see them together :') *He is so tall !!*

I miss them.. #NaleyLove

Look at that pic and tell me you can wait for Partners! Haha

Look what James Lafferty texted to his friend David Emrish last night !! Hahahaha

That laugh... I melt! :')