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My last day in my baby.Its been good my trusty stead,I will never forget ur 500bhp or that night!Lol

Lying on my bed at home.. Dogs on the floor and thunder outside.. Nothing better...

Coca-Cola in a glass bottle, once again the original still rules..

Today.. I chilled with white Tigers.. Was one of the best weekends ever.

The furthest southern tip of Africa! On my way to kalk bay for lunch..

My brother is softer than I thought, he cant open the grape jam..Weak Deco, weak. neither can I..lol

Capone on the roam! I'm sending him to catch dinner.. Some twisted rabbit..mmm.. Haha kiddding! Haha

Going to go on a drive to free my mind alittle.. :)

Tonight at Chrystal Palace... Ran 400, another race tomorrow!

4day cycle done and dusted.. Spending my arfternoon like this... :)

My boy Capone at home in the Zone! I miss him! :(

Rainy night waiting for the train.. Ah I'm feeling sorry for myself! Hahaha

Feels good to be back.. :)

Old school Vs New school... My Vote:Old school ☺

The Italian nationals.. Watching Andrew Howe jump, will be running the 400 here tomo night.. :)

Nearly there...

About to load our noddy car onto the ship to the island.. :)

Is it just me or is Matts finger seriously bent! Haha he's driving, 110km to go.. Please pray! Haha

Is it just me or is Matts finger horribly bent.. Haha he is driving, 100km to go.. Please pray..

Road trippin up to Alba Island in our Fiat 500 for some R&R! ☺

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