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Matt got me a watch but I fear it may be a bit big for my dainty wrist.

While taking this picture: "stop photo bombing us, Jesus!"

World's cutest deaths head moth.

ghost lady earrings are the best earrings

eh I don't think I'd buy this if I didn't need a funeral dress but it's my best option so far

my route today is gorgeous

Forgot I put the bottle in the freezer so now I have a wine slushie.

This was a good day.

Look at this friggin cutie

Got a p cute new sweater. Will ignore that I feel bulky when wearing sweaters.

Need to get cracking to finish these before Sherlock Seattle.

Kramer portrait: my first sign many years ago that Matt's parents are chill as heck.

Duke really wants to get in my lap so he climbed up on the ottoman. He i freaking huge, by the way.

Oh hi, Roxy.

Tempted to buy some of these but I have no reason to make a Hannibal costume. (gory Halloween stuff warning)

I was looking through my camera roll and found this old Halloween costume. Not pictured: spider legs made from socks.

Tiny Sherlock bunny is also on the trip.

No idea what this place is other than my True Home. #vulcan

Taking selfies in the car. To feel more like a teenager.

I love it when YA targeted towards boys drops some serious truth that might make them think.