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Good guy in a mad,bad world. SuperDad/Designer/Music lovin' Badass. Often mistaken for a responsible adult. Feet on the ground;head in the clouds

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Santas here or an imposter #callthecops

Team be gettin their christmas on #SantaSwag

Team do this afternoon. Gearing up with sweets,cakes and #ferrarorocher. This could lead to trouble

Morning y'all - the weekends long gone :( time for another manic #Moanday

Out of bread. #TheBirds don't look pleased and there are a lot of em.

Made it, and got to 10 am meeting. That deserves a steaming hot #fakeachino

Eldest hasn't covered it much at school yet- described it as " empire V rebellion but with like totes lame names man"

Civil war about to kick off.

Do not adjust your TL. b_boy is still recovering from his first day back at the office #shellshocked

Gentlemen we have #BoatDrinks

Goodbye TV.#sniffsniff :( sorry we couldn't give you that #VikingBurial #HealthAndSafetyGoneMad

#Quest. #ComeWidIt

Eldest is refusing to give up frisbee ring. And insists its his precious...damn #Tolkien and his epic sagas

Minibboy is collecting pinecone "grenades" #WMDs. Should I be worried?

On reflection putting all the leftover cinema choccies near the breakfast bowls was asking for trouble

If whacking dandelions was a crime the boys would be going down for some serious hard time #HidingTheEvidence #epicfail

Hostilities have paused to admire the airship. The concensus is that its #Well #Sick

Might join him for a game of #Gauntlet in a mo


Let's pause and take a moment to remember those didn't make it through the rain #why #whyyyyy

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