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You wouldn't understand, it's a dog thing.(Part of my aim is to baffle you)

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Poppy expressing her boredom 'cos I'm watching F1 on TV.

It's not just humans who hide behind the sofa when Dr Who's on. Truffle 5 min ago...

Underlit cloud (a few nights ago)

The Trufflehound doing her black hole impression right now! (in other words, sleeping)


Today's pic. Wheat.

Today's walkies pic. What is it with mutts and sticks?

The path outside of my house earlier this evening. The yellow flowers are Evening Primrose.

Sky in a puddle 2

Angry sky.

Cool blue

Another shot from '72. The crawler. Same beastie that moved the shuttles. Sorry for poor quality

. I forget which one this was (pre-16) but b4 they put screens around. I got to touch it!

Today's "walk". Maisie likes this method 'cos she walks faster than us!

Copped a sundog earlier. (grossly underexposed to emphasise it)

This why 4 legs are better than 2

Baby blackbird (Turdus merula) sick of the rain.

More starlings


House sparrow (Passer domesticus) 2 females.