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Seeking to provide an understanding of the phenomenon of Hispanic youth gangs and gang culture in the El Paso Southwest. Mission of intervention, prevention.

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An unintended consequence of gang injunctions is member dispersion - fleeing of elements to neighboring locations

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"Adult children of alcoholics judge themselves without mercy, have difficulty with intimate relationships ..." (from "Adult Children Of Alcoholics," by Janet Geringer Woititz, Ed.D.)

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"My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person -- he believed in me." ~ Jim Valvano

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Many youth today: HS -Discovery Channel; College - University of History Channel; Masters - Univ of Google Search

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Gaining satisfaction from committing a negative act is more important than danger/ consequences, say many youth.

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"On avg, parents, children tend fare best when father resides in home, is married to the mother of his children."

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¿Eres padre adolescente? ¿Deséas participár en estudio acerca de lo que significa la paternidád? (915) 239-1997

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18- n 19-yr-old Teen Fathers Wanted, UTEP Research Study - how teen fathers talk about fatherhood (915) 239-1997

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You never know what you'll find during a highway cleanup community service project. $70 million - in play money.

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Higher Education Coord Board: only 12 of 100 8th-graders will have college degree, post-sec. certif. in 10 yrs.

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"Real life has peaks, valleys, lots of waiting, disappointment." Parents would do well to impart message to kids.

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Missing: ILENE RAMIREZ, 15, last seen @ Montwood HS 11/19 contact 915-820-9099 \ 694-9148 or police department

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Classified as gangs - some motorcycle and car clubs - because of activities, operations, member behavior, associations ...

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#ElPaso gang interventionist has provided svcs to <1500 area youth

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#ElPaso #gang names have changed with new gang types. Alpa Swag, Synthetic Illusiions, Androidz, United Insanity, Dynamic Alliance among most recent new groups of Party Krews and Rebel Krew gangs

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#ElPaso, USA safest city, experiences "silent violence" - Mexico journalist Anabel Hernandez,El Diario EP 11/12/13, photo by R Gallardo/ONG

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Older gang members often prey on younger member's fears/need for attention in continual power-play vacuum often fed by lack of positive male role-modeling and examples of success in education, work, community and family/social sphere. As the older member makes demands, or sets difficult expectations/challenges, the younger member is, eventually, sucked in to full-blown gang involvement. Later, that young member, may later spin the same psychological games with new recruits, wannabes, other neighborhood youth. Power, respect, control - corrupted.

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The essence is in how you were there - what energy you gave, left behind. Every encounter = opportunity. GIVE well.

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We miss you, too, Giselle - our favorite and biggest fan. Much love from the US.

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#icecream can help transform even the #grumpiest #teen into a (temporary) angel.