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Seeking to provide an understanding of the phenomenon of Hispanic youth gangs and gang culture in the El Paso Southwest. Mission of intervention, prevention.

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"Everybody right now really is where they chose to be, if you think about it. They may not like where they are ...

"Adult children of alcoholics judge themselves without mercy, have difficulty with intimate relationships ..." (from "Adult Children Of Alcoholics," by Janet Geringer Woititz, Ed.D.)

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"My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person -- he believed in me." ~ Jim Valvano

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Many youth today: HS -Discovery Channel; College - University of History Channel; Masters - Univ of Google Search

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Gaining satisfaction from committing a negative act is more important than danger/ consequences, say many youth.

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"On avg, parents, children tend fare best when father resides in home, is married to the mother of his children."

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¿Eres padre adolescente? ¿Deséas participár en estudio acerca de lo que significa la paternidád? (915) 239-1997

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18- n 19-yr-old Teen Fathers Wanted, UTEP Research Study - how teen fathers talk about fatherhood (915) 239-1997

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You never know what you'll find during a highway cleanup community service project. $70 million - in play money.

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Higher Education Coord Board: only 12 of 100 8th-graders will have college degree, post-sec. certif. in 10 yrs.

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"Real life has peaks, valleys, lots of waiting, disappointment." Parents would do well to impart message to kids.

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Missing: ILENE RAMIREZ, 15, last seen @ Montwood HS 11/19 contact 915-820-9099 \ 694-9148 or police department

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Classified as gangs - some motorcycle and car clubs - because of activities, operations, member behavior, associations ...

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#ElPaso gang interventionist has provided svcs to <1500 area youth

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#ElPaso #gang names have changed with new gang types. Alpa Swag, Synthetic Illusiions, Androidz, United Insanity, Dynamic Alliance among most recent new groups of Party Krews and Rebel Krew gangs

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#ElPaso, USA safest city, experiences "silent violence" - Mexico journalist Anabel Hernandez,El Diario EP 11/12/13, photo by R Gallardo/ONG

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Older gang members often prey on younger member's fears/need for attention in continual power-play vacuum often fed by lack of positive male role-modeling and examples of success in education, work, community and family/social sphere. As the older member makes demands, or sets difficult expectations/challenges, the younger member is, eventually, sucked in to full-blown gang involvement. Later, that young member, may later spin the same psychological games with new recruits, wannabes, other neighborhood youth. Power, respect, control - corrupted.

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The essence is in how you were there - what energy you gave, left behind. Every encounter = opportunity. GIVE well.

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We miss you, too, Giselle - our favorite and biggest fan. Much love from the US.

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#icecream can help transform even the #grumpiest #teen into a (temporary) angel.